Tack Like the Pros!

Take your tacks to the next level with exclusive video of Olympians Bruno Fontes and Tom Ramshaw.

Get ready to transform your boathandling skills, starting with the most essential maneuver: tacking. This course will enable you to tack like a pro by following our checklists and video instruction featuring some of some of the World's best tackers.

This course is designed to be used alongside sailing practice with over 15 suggested drills. The course is broken down into 6 videos, starting off with a complete checklist for Roll Tacks and Hiking Tacks.

Then, explore the foundations of tacking with; Angles & Steering, plus developing proper Body Movement & Heel. Further advance your tacks with Performance Sheet Management and Creating Entry and Exit Speed.

Combine 45 minute of video instruction with the vetted checklists and deliberate practice drills to maximize progression. Follow the methodology and you're guaranteed to see rapid and significant improvement in your tacking.

Beginner racers to Olympians will all benefit from this comprehensive tacking course.