Downwind: Fundamentals

ISA partnered with the World's best sailors to bring you: Downwind Fundamentals. Part One of our Downwind Course, you'll enjoy exclusive clips from the best sailors, including Micky Beckett (GBR), Luke Elliott (AUS), Thomas Saunders (NZL), and Bruno Fontes (BRA).

The Fundamentals Course was designed to gives sailors the awareness of what to expect when sailing downwind and lays the groundwork for mastering this dynamic aspect of sailing. Whether you're new to sailing or looking to refine your skills, this course provides a structured pathway to develop a deep understanding of downwind sailing.

Included in Downwind Fundamentals:

  • An introduction to basic downwind sailing terminology.
  • Overview of downwind angles in the ILCA/Laser and the basic forces acting on the rig/boat
  • Lessons on analyzing wave awareness, both speed and direction
  • Downwind control settings overview for balance and speed. Plus download the Pro Sailor vetted Downwind Sail Settings PDF to aid your sailing sessions

Who Should Take This Course:

  • Beginners seeking a solid foundation in downwind sailing
  • Intermediate sailors aiming to enhance their understanding and proficiency
  • Advanced sailors looking to refine and optimize their downwind techniques

Embark on this educational journey and build the confidence in your single handed sailing skillset.

"Downwind Fundamentals" is your gateway to unlocking the full potential of downwind sailing.

"The team at ISA are on the leading edge of ILCA coaching expertise. The thought that went into building a curriculum on downwind sailing is very clever and detailed - they thought about everything! This is the most important learning tool for sailors of all levels"

  • Micky Beckett (GBR)